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TLDs Years Register Transfer Renew
.com 1 Year $17.95 $17.95 $17.95
.net 1 Year $17.95 $17.95 $17.95
.org 1 Year $17.95 $17.95 $17.95
.info 1 Year $27.95 $27.95 $27.95
.biz 1 Year $24.95 $24.95 $24.95
.uk 1 Year $15.95 $15.95 $15.95 1 Year $15.95 $15.95 $15.95 1 Year $15.95 $15.95 $15.95


Asked Questions.

Domain name is the location or address of your website on the Internet. Every domain name is pointed to an IP address, for example “”. Unfortunately, this is a long number and very hard to remember, but it is easy for us to remember names, right? That is why domain names like ( is used instead of a long string of numbers to make it easy for us to remember them.

When the Internet first emerged, there were only three TLDs or domain endings available to use, which are: 

1- .com (Commercial)
2- .net (Network)
3- . org (Organisation)

But now there are so many other variations of TLDs available for people to buy, and you can choose the one you deem it suitable for your business. In Techween, we offer the most popular domain endings, which are: .com – .net – .org – .info – .biz – .uk – – 

You are allowed to include letters, numbers, and dashes in your domain name. 

Unfortunately, this is not allowed; once you pay for a domain and register it, you cannot change it. So it’s very important to double check the spelling of your domain before you complete your purchase. But in case you buy the wrong domain, you don’t have to renew it every year, you can just leave it to expire. 

You can think of a domain as the address of your house, and the hosting as the house (the physical building ) itself. People can navigate to your website using your domain (the address of your website), which is stored in web hosting. Keep in mind that you can buy a domain name without web hosting, but you cannot buy web hosting without a domain name.