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Our team is result-oriented, which means we’re not just designing world-class and fancy websites, we also focus on bringing tangible and real world results that can directly contribute to the success of your business. We utilise “Techween Plan” which encompasses three pillars that help make your online presence a success: tech, design, and marketing. By carefully analysing your request and see what your business is lacking, we will fill the gap for you and help you achieve the results you need. 

Techween Plan Pillars

step 1

register a domain and choose a suitable hosting plan.

Techween Plan Step 1

1- domain

Choosing a domain for your business can be a daunting task at the beginning. But fear not, we will make sure to help you choose the best possible domain for your website by following certain guidelines to help your domain standout very easily.

2- hosting

A good hosting for your website can be the difference between success and failure. That’s why we provide state-of-the-art hosting packages that utilise cloud and LightSpeed technology which will make your website run as fast as lighting. 

step 2

design your brand and your website.

Techween Plan Step 2

3- website design

Working closely with you, we will first understand your business model, your target audience, and what you are trying to achieve through the website. It will be structured in a way that’s easy to navigate, responsive, with a compelling copy and high quality graphics & photos to propel your clients to take action. 

4- brand design

Brand design is more than just a logo; it includes choosing the right tone of colours, language, typography, illustrations, and photography. Our job is to establish a brand identity that’s unique, instantly recognisable in a crowded market, sparks an emotional connection with your audience, and leaves a lasting impression. 

step 3

promote your business through social media.

Techween Plan Step 3

5- social media posts

Regularly sharing great social media posts can grow your audience base as well as keep your current audience engaged and interested. Having both a great website and solid social media presence can help you attract more leads and generate more sales. 

6- digital advertising

We live in a digital age, which means 99% of the people are using the Internet in some form or the other, particularly social media. That’s why it is a great channel to launch your ad campaigns to easily reach your target audience through paid ads. 

the procedure

how we implement techween plan.



First we need to set a number of meetings with you in order to thoroughly understand your goals, needs, your target audience, and the problem you’re facing in your business. This will help us identify what obstacles you’re facing to prepare the best possible solutions.



Once all the information and data about your business is being collected, we will map out the approach on how to produce the required results. Upon agreement, a detailed proposal will be sent out to you which consists of the cost and the timeframe of the project.

Implementing The Strategy


The six items of “Techween Plan” will be followed in order. Some items will be skipped depending on your needs. We might only focus on (design items) with you; another client might require an improvement in the (marketing items) of the business, and so on. So we will implement a tailor-made approach to ensure the success of your business online. 

Relationship with the clients

continuous relationship.

If you need a domain & hosting, a marketing plan to promote your business, or a website care plan to maintain your website, then our relationship will continue. We will do the necessary backups, maintenance, and security of your website every week, and a detailed report of the status of your website will be sent out to you regularly.