Business Growth
Scale your business to every corner of Libya, gain more customers, and generate more sales
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No More Social Media Restrictions
It is never been easy when Facebook blocks your page and you lose all your clients in a blink of an eye. That is why an official website can be a safe haven for your business
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Customer's Convenience
A unique experience for customers to shop online, thanks to the cutting-edge technologies that the team utilizes to design user-friendly and stunning websites
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Your Convenience
Customers can easily find their desired products from your shop and order directly without the need to contact you so that you can focus on the more important stuff
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Brand Recognition
Customers are loyal to brands, so why not invest in this and create an indelible impression that helps you build lasting relationships with your customers?
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Gain a Competitive Edge
Go the extra mile and create an official website for your business. Offer that feeling of comfort, security, and trust for your customers
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We are celebrating the birth of our company

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Who We are

Techween is a Libyan web design company passionate about building websites, visual design, and digital marketing. We collaborate with you to help you establish a strong online presence, engage your audiences, and build brand awareness. Our team is result-oriented, which means we are not just designing world-class and fancy websites, we also focus on bringing you tangible and real world results that can directly contribute to the success of your business.


We strive to be the most reliable and customer-centric company that helps businesses to become unique and give them the power to stand out in a very competitive marketplace.


To be one of the leading companies that bring enormous change to the Libyan tech culture and to be at the forefront of the digital transformation process in the country. 


Look no further. All website services you need is here. From finding a suitable domain name for your business, to hosting, to building and maintaining your website. Don’t worry about anything, we’ve got you covered. 

Website Design

Website Security

Website Hosting

Website Maintainence

Domain Names

Digital Marketing


Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy surfing websites made by us. They were designed with high-level of professionality to meet our customers’ desires and needs. 


Customer satisfaction is one of the company’s core values; we’re committed to placing people over profits. So It’s our responsibility to meet or even exceed your expectations by providing a smooth and unforgettable customer experience. Have a look at what our customers say about us. 

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