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second medical opinion

A platform that enables consultants from around the world to provide second medical opinion in more than 40 medical specialties.

the problem.

Many people fall victim to wrong diagnoses that may lead them to undergo unnecessary surgeries or follow a certain treatment that may lead to their death, so Alamani Company came up with the idea of the website ( to provide medical consultation and second opinion services in all fields of surgery, medicine, and radiology, and their mission is to connect all patients around the world with the best Arab and foreign doctors and specialists. 

the solution.

Techween worked closely with the CEO of Alamani “Dr. Abobaker Al-Agnaf” to develop the best possible version of the platform. Dr. Abobaker needed a simple, intuitive, easy to navigate platform that do not confuse patients, especially non-techie ones. So we made sure to keep the homepage clean and simple with a distinct call-to-action at the hero section that takes patients straightaway to the order form. Further, to ensure a long-term success of this platform, Techween suggested to include the following features in the website:


the results.