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alnabaa for dental supplies

alnabaa impressed their clients and their partners with a sophisticated and modern website.

the problem.

Alnabaa is a leading company with more than 20 years in the market; their mission is to make a quantum leap in the dental industry by providing state-of-the-art products and services to the clinics and hospitals around the country. They also got a good online presence through social media with an experienced marketing team. However, alnabaa have missed a crucial element in Techween Plan which is (web design). The company recognised the tough competition in the market, and not having a professional website can be a recipe for failure when it comes to their digital marketing efforts. 

the solution.

Alnabaa sought our services to help them build a stronger online presence through a website that represents their identity, values, mission, and most importantly resonates well with their current and prospective customers (and partners). Our team created a custom design by utilising the unique visual brand of Alnabaa to convey the unique offering, products, services, and their mission & vision. We made sure to design a website that wows all visitors and proves them that alnabaa is the real leader in the market. We included high quality photos, icons and great content with call-to-action buttons and a contact form to increase the conversion rates.  

the results.

Since the launch of the website, alnabaa amplified their trust with the partners and customers. Now every one visits the website, they feel they are dealing with a real and professional company, not just a just a random Facebook page on the Internet. Also, they are now able to showcase their products in a more organised and professional manner through different categories to make it easy for the customers to find what they are looking for and get a closer look to the different products they’re offering.