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alamani aljadeda for medical services

With an online store integrated in their website, Alamani Company is now able to showcase their products and services very professionally.

the problem.

Alamani is a leading company in the field of cardiology. The company offers a variety of services and products in the field; it provides medical supplies, equipment, and state-of-the-art medical devices of all kinds. They recently had the ambition to scale their business all over the country, so they needed an online store with online payment gateways to help them achieve this goal. Also, by taking advantage of the fact that they are a renowned and reputable company, they wanted to make extra revenue from ads through the website to allow other relevant companies and individuals to publish ads in the website. 

the solution.

Techween built a custom-designed website that matches the company’s original brand, with a WooCommerce store to showcase the products and to be able to sell over the clock, all around the country. Plus, an advertising space was created at the bottom of the homepage to help other companies advertise their products and services. 

the results.